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Board of Directors:
 Jeff Hawkins
 Donna Dubinsky
 Dr. Harry Saal
 Dr. Steve Zornetzer
Jeff Hawkins | Chairman

Jeff Hawkins - PhotoJeff Hawkins is the Executive Director and Chairman of the Redwood Neuroscience Institute.

He is the architect of many computer products including the PalmPilot, Visor, and Treo families of handheld computers and communicators. He co-founded Palm Computing and Handspring Inc., and is currently serving as Chief Product Officer and board member at Handspring.

Mr. Hawkins earned his B.S. in electrical engineering from Cornell University. Around 1980 he dedicated his career to understanding how our brains perform high-level cognitive tasks. After a couple of attempts pursuing his ambition via an academic path he concluded that the time was not right for such a theoretical approach and he returned to industry with the intent of resuming his goal some years later. In 2002, after successful positions with Grid Systems, Palm Computing and Handspring Inc., Hawkins created the Redwood Neuroscience Institute as a place where research into cognitive theory could flourish.

In addition to his positions at RNI and Handspring he is a member of the scientific board of directors at Cold Spring Harbor Labs, one of the world's leading biological research laboratories. Hawkins was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 2003. He is currently working on writing a book about intelligence with New York Times Science writer, Sandra Blakeslee.
Donna Dubinsky | Vice Chairman and Treasurer

Donna Dubinsky - Photo Donna Dubinsky joined Apple Computer in 1981, spending ten years in a variety of sales, sales support and logistics functions both at Apple and at Claris, Apple’s software subsidiary.

After a year’s sabbatical in France, she joined Jeff Hawkins in 1992, shortly after he founded Palm Computing. As president and CEO of Palm, Dubinsky helped create a major new industry segment based on the PalmPilot. In 1995, U.S. Robotics acquired Palm, and in 1997, 3Com acquired U.S. Robotics.

In 1998, Hawkins and Dubinsky left Palm to co-found Handspring. Handspring became a leader in the emerging category of smartphones, where it again created a category-defining product, the Treo. In October 2003, Handspring merged with the Palm hardware group to create a new company, called palmOne, Inc.

Dubinsky currently serves as a director of palmOne, Inc. and of Intuit Corporation. She also is a Trustee of the Computer History Museum, and the Redwood Neuroscience Institute. She holds a B.A. from Yale University in history, and an M.B.A. from the Harvard Business School.
Dr. Harry Saal | Secretary

Harry Saal - Photo Dr. Harry J. Saal was recently appointed by the US Department of Justice to the Technical Committee charged with overseeing the recently settled Microsoft Antitrust case. Helping to restore competition in the personal computer industry is an exciting and significant challenge, according to Dr. Saal. Dr. Saal was the founder and CEO of Network General Corporation, the first company wholly dedicated to the area of network diagnostics.

From 1993 through 1995, Dr. Saal served as founding CEO and President of Smart Valley, Inc., a non-profit organization chartered to create a regional electronic community based on an advanced information infrastructure and the collective ability to use it.

Until recently, he has served as Director of several other publically traded high technology firms, most recently including Imaging Technologies Corporation and Borland Corporation. Ernst & Young named Dr. Saal the Bay Area 1990 Software Entrepreneur of the Year and he is also the recipient of the ADL Torch of Liberty Award, the ACM/Computer Museum 1994 Computer Bowl MVP, and the JNF Tree of Life Award.

He is active in philanthropy and community affairs, having served as Chairman of the Board of the Community Foundation Silicon Valley, from whom he received the 1996 Corporate Community Involvement Award. From 1998 through 2003 he served as President of Cultural Initiatives Silicon Valley, a non-profit organization which links a network of public and private cultural agencies and organizations to enhance arts and culture in Silicon Valley. He has served as Vice Chairman of the American Leadership Forum, Silicon Valley Chapter, and in 1995 received their John W. Gardner Leadership Award. As well, he serves on the boards of the American Institute of Mathematics and the Redwood Neurosciences Institute. In 1997, Columbia University awarded Dr. Saal its highest honor, the John Jay Award.

Dr. Harry J. Saal
Chairman of the Technical Committee -- USDOJ vs. Microsoft Consent Decree

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Dr. Steve Zornetzer | Board Member

Steve Zornetzer - Photo Dr. Zornetzer is Director of Information Sciences and Technology at NASA's Ames Research Center. He is an internationally recognized leader in revolutionary, information technology-based approaches to aerospace and space exploration missions.

The breadth of his expertise ranges from basic research in cognitive, perceptual, and neural sciences to integrative biology, biological information processing, molecular biology, genetic engineering, and biomedical science. He plans, directs, and coordinates the technology, science, development, and operational activities for research and advanced technology development in information technology.

Dr. Zornetzer also serves as principal advisor and consultant to senior management officials at Ames Research Center, other NASA Centers, and other Government agencies in matters concerning supercomputing, optical systems, networks, and intelligent systems.

Before joining NASA in 1997, he headed the Personnel Optimization and Biomolecular Science and Technology Department, formerly the Life Sciences Directorate, for the Office of Naval Research (ONR). Dr. Zornetzer was widely recognized for his leadership and vision at ONR and received a Presidential Meritorious Rank in 1991 and again in 2001.


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